Monika Grzelak


Monika has extensive experience in choreographer's work. We had the opportunity to watch her choreographies in television, film, theatre and festival productions. She cooperates with directors, acrobats, dancers.

In cooperation with MIRA ART, she co-created choreography and stage movement for one of the biggest art festival - Magic Malbork.

She works with directors of film productions - she was main choreographer's assistant in "Kochaj i Tańcz" and choreographer in "Huśtawka" movie, in both these films she also played the role of a dancer.

She has collaborated with television productions on dance and entertainment, and commercials production. She was responsible for creating choreographies for such programmes as: "You can dance" - Polish and Ukrainian edition, "Zaskocz mnie", "Zaskocz bliskich" and "Fabryka Gwiazd". She is the author of a dance choreography for Totalizator Sportowy's "Loteriada" tv commercial.

She cooperates with theatres and actors: Sopot Dance Theater (Sopocki Teatr Tańca" on the occasion of co-creation of choreography for D-Coder performances, "3xNoir Danse". She was responsible for the screenplay for the stage movement to the performance "Poprzatane" at the Wybrzeże Theatre (Teatr Wybrzeże)
She works with athletes - she led workshops on improvisation of movement and co-created choreography for the Olympic Team in figure riding on ice and the Canadian National Team in synchronous swimming.
directs a fashion show and leads workshops for models
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